Respond to Query by Bidders
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Once a ‘Tender Query’ is raised by bidder, contact person of selected tender can respond to that query, by completing the ‘Respond’ task assigned to them.

Below are the steps to respond on an ‘Tender Query’:

1. From the ‘Tender Query’ forms listing area, click on the ‘Respond’ task to complete that task.

Alternately, while viewing a ‘Tender Query’ form, go to ‘Task’ menu and click ‘Reply’ or ‘Reply All’ for responding on a form.

2. The ‘Respond’ view of form will be displayed as shown below:

Given below is a description of all the fields available while responding to query by bidders. Click on a link below to continue:

1. To

Description - Click to distribute this form to other users if required.

2. Query Description

Description - To view and edit the query description content if required.

2. Response

Description - Enter response details here.

3. Notify all bidders

Description - Tick to notify this query and response to all bidders on selected tender package.

4. Distribute

Description - Click to hide the distribution field if required.

5. Attachment

Description - Click to upload an external file if applicable.

6. Associate Docs

Description - Associate an existing project file to this form if applicable, from the same or other project based on user access.

Once done, click ‘Send’ to complete responding to query by bidders. Click ‘Save Draft’ to save the form in draft mode if required. If the ‘Notify all bidders’ option is ticked, system will generate Point of clarification form having query and response and distribute to all the recipients of selected tender with for info action.

Bidder who raised query will get for information to know the response on query form as well as for information action on point of clarification form.

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