Using Bid (Quotation) Tracker
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Bid (Quotations) tracker is available to access status of activities performed by invited bidders on tender. Bid tracker is available to access directly while viewing an ‘Invitation to Tender’ form once created.

Below are the steps to access bid tracker:

1. When opened in Form Viewer, the ‘Invitation to Tender’ form will appear as follows:

2. Click on the ‘Tracker’ link available in ‘Invitation to Tender’ form:

3. ‘Tracker’ details will appear as follows.

It allows you to track all the activities of bidders on selected tender package.
It includes bidder organization, name of bidder including contact details like email and phone number, notification date, 1st view date, status of tender documents downloaded by bidder if any, whether bidder is actively participating in the tender process at the moment, bidder response date and bid value, award status if applicable as well as comments if any.

An option to export this data in MS Excel is available at top right by clicking on 'Export Report'.

A separate section for tender evaluation status is also available. This includes details like the bidding organization, status, outcome and comments as applicable.

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