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Contract Manager Overview
Contract Manager Overview

This article gives you an overview about Contract Manager module in Asite.

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A contract is a legal agreement between two parties to do some work together. Asite Contract Manager enables you to obtain real-time visibility and control across contract processes, greatly reducing risk, with a secure system to send notifications and assign time-based actions. The centralized auditable view of notifications across all contracts ensures project team members are using the same information and contractors reply within the agreed time scales.

The solution caters for many different contract types including New Engineering Construction (NEC), used on both high profile and every day projects such as infrastructure, buildings and highways; Joint Contracts Tribunal, a set of standard documents used by the building industry to deliver a project; and International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), a local representative body for national associations of consulting engineers - similar to Asite's NEC solution but aligned to FIDIC books.

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