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Sharing your content and Assigning Tasks via Distribution
Sharing your content and Assigning Tasks via Distribution

This article helps you understand how to distribute your content (including files or forms) on Asite with other members.

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Distribution is a widely used feature on Asite. On your Asite project, it enables you to share your content, assign tasks on them (with due dates as applicable) and collaborate with other team members, irrespective of whether you are sharing a file or a form.

Whenever initiating a distribution on Asite, a distribution window appears as seen in below snapshot.

Following is a description of the steps you need to follow:

1. To start distributing, you need to click inside the 'To' box and select recipients, tasks to be distributed and timeline for each of the tasks as applicable. Please note that 'To' field is mandatory to fill.

  • Clicking on 'To' box populates a dropdown list of project users / distribution groups / roles / organizations. Pick recipients to add for distributing selected content object (i.e. a file or a form), by manually ticking their names using the corresponding checkboxes.

    • If required, type in the initial characters manually to get auto-suggestions based on the same, then select the required names using the corresponding checkboxes.

    • To expand distribution groups / roles / organizations and find the individual users in them, click on icon that appears upon mouse hover on the concerned distribution group / role / organization.

    • If there is a long list of users / distribution groups / roles / organizations in the project, click on 'Show All' opposite the relevant column header to see complete list as required.

  • The selected values will start appearing in the 'To' field. You can click on each of the recipient names or groups (selected users / distribution groups / roles / organizations) to see relevant details and edit the same if required.
    โ€‹Note - Selecting a distribution group, a role or an organization is treated as a distribution object, and when pre-populating them in any future case, they will be pre-populated as a distribution object and not as individual recipients from the object.

  • To assign a task each to recipient users, go to the name of specific user / distribution group / role / organization for whom the task needs to be assigned then select a task from the corresponding dropdown. Next, select an expected date to complete that task from a calendar by clicking on icon. The icon is a switch option which helps you specify whether or not you need to send an email notification for each user who is being assigned a task selected as part of the distribution. A yellow envelope icon indicates that switch is on and email notification will be sent. If switch is turned off, the envelope icon would then show in grey color and email notification won't be sent.
    Selected task will be distributed to individual project users having access to that particular file or form.
    Click here to understand different tasks that can be assigned on a file.
    Click here to understand different tasks that can be assigned on a form.

    • If uploading and distributing a new revision of any file which was previously uploaded and distributed, you will see a icon. Click on it to copy the distribution list from previous revision distribution if required.

    • While assigning a 'For Information' task to anyone, it is not mandatory to select a task due date. For other types of tasks, it is mandatory to select a task due date.

    • Click on icon in case you need to assign different tasks to same user. You can do this for individual users as well as users in a particular distribution group or role.

    • Click on icon corresponding to the name of selected distribution groups, users, roles or organizations to remove them from distribution.

    • If assigning tasks to multiple users / distribution groups / roles / organizations, you have an option to bulk apply values from the top header directly. Enter required values that you want to apply in bulk from the top header - like task to be assigned, due date and email notification switch on or off as required - then click on icon to bulk apply the selected option to all records selected below.

    • To clear all selected tasks, due dates and email notify option at once, click on 'Clear' option available at top left.

    • To close the dropdown list once you have selected recipients and task details, click on 'Close' option available at top left.

2. In the 'Subject' field, enter a title or a note for the tasks being distributed as required.

3. Once done, click 'Distribute' to complete the distribution of selected file or form. Else, click 'Close' to cancel the distribution if required.

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