Deactivate Form

This article helps you understand how to deactivate any existing form on your project.

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You need the privilege 'Can Deactivate Own Forms' to deactivate the forms that you have created by yourself in the projects accessible to you.

Accordingly, you need the privilege 'Can Deactivate All Forms' for deactivating forms created by other users in the projects accessible to you.

Based on the privileges that you have, you can deactivate a form by following the below steps:

1. In 'Project Forms' area, navigate to the form which needs to be deactivated.

2. Right click on the required form and select 'Deactivate Forms'.

3. A layered screen appears asking for your confirmation to deactivate the form.

4. Click on 'Deactivate' to proceed with deactivating the form.

Once the form is deactivated, you can view the deactivated forms by applying a filter for inactive forms.

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