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Set Up a Form Mailbox in a Project

This article helps you understand how to set up a new project mailbox for forms.

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Role privilege as mentioned below, on the project in which a form mailbox is to be set up:

Below are the steps to create a new form mailbox within a project:

1. Navigate to 'Projects' tab. In the thumb view, do a mouse hover on the project thumbnail and click on the mail icon. A layered page opens. Click on 'Project Mailbox'.

Alternately, in listing view right click on the project and select 'Settings > Project Mailbox'.

2. Clicking on 'Form mailbox', you'll see existing form mailboxes for the selected project.

3. You will see two options - 'File' and 'Form'. Select 'Form'.

4. In the 'New Form Mailbox' window, key in the mailbox address to create a project form mailbox. You will see a prompt if similar mailbox address already exists in the system, as this mailbox address has to be unique platform wide.

5. Select 'Allow External users' checkbox, this allows Asite to accept emails from email addresses external to its platform. External emails are allowed from 'Yahoo', 'Hotmail' and 'Gmail' accounts only.

6. Select an organization and a user in it who will be the default publisher for all incoming emails from external email addresses.

7. Select the required form type (form type) for which you are creating this form mailbox (every form type needs to have a unique mailbox).
8. Select appropriate form status and click on 'Save' to complete creating an form mailbox in the project. Form mailbox currently accepts files in MS excel format only.

9. To mark any existing form mailbox as inactive, click on the mailbox record in listing view to open the mailbox.

10. In form mailbox view on the top right, check the 'Inactive' checkbox and click on 'Save' to deactivate the form mailbox.

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