Start Watching a Folder

This article helps you understand how to start watching a project folder on Asite.

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Right click on the project folder and select 'Start Watching' to start keeping a watch of activities performed on the selected project folder. Folders on which you are already keeping a watch will show with an eye icon.

Note - When you start watching a parent folder, all of its sub-folders are included for watching by default. In case you want to avoid this:

a. Right click on the concerned parent folder and select 'Watch > Edit Settings'.

b. Then uncheck the box for 'Include Subfolders' and click 'Update'.

The watch configuration that you set specifically for an individual file will be given precedence over any of the folder level watch configurations in its hierarchy.

By default, there are 5 activities that are selected for receiving instant notifications when you click 'Start Watching'.

Revision Upload - To receive notifications regarding upload of file revisions.

New File Upload - To receive notifications regarding upload of new files.

Distribution - To receive notifications regarding distribution of files.

Status Change - To receive notifications regarding status changes on files.

Discussions - To receive notifications regarding aMessages created on files.

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