Create New Rule for Auto-Fetch Attributes

This article helps you understand how to create a rule for auto fetching file attribute information.

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1. Go to 'Admin' tab and click on 'Auto Fetch Attributes'.

2. Click on 'Create Rule' button.

3. Give a name for the rule to be created. The 'Active' checkbox is by default checked, select Inactive checkbox to keep this new rule inactive.

4. Select the separator character which is used in file name to differentiate the attributes in a file name from the dropdown list. For e.g. In a file name 'ECL-FH-12345-S-0005' the hyphen (-) is the separating character.

5. Now select the attributes which needs to be fetched from the file name directly while uploading the file. Select desired attribute from left side box and click on the move button in middle to select the same.

6. After selecting attributes select the target folders from the available list on right side of screen.

7. Click on 'Save' to create the rule.

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