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Upload a File using Auto-Fetch Attributes Rule
Upload a File using Auto-Fetch Attributes Rule

This article helps you understand how to upload a file with the rule for auto-fetch attributes applied to it.

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1. To begin uploading files using the auto fetch rule, you need files with file names as per the rule created. For e.g. File names like 'ECL-FH-12345-S-0005' in which the hyphen (-) is the separating character.

2. Go to 'Files' tab and navigate to the folder on which the rule is applied and click on 'Add Files'.

3. Click on 'Select File (s)' to select and add files.

4. Click on edit icon to view the attributes which are fetched automatically and also capture other attributes.

5. Now you can see the attributes of document reference and revision are already captured from the file name due to the rule created.

6. Click on 'Upload' to complete uploading the selected files.

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