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Create Placeholder for Revision
Create Placeholder for Revision

This article helps you understand how to create a placeholder on an existing file revision.

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Team members with the appropriate permissions can create placeholders for revisions of files whereby the application creates a record for the revision and captures relevant attributes for it and allows you to publish the file to the record at a later point in time.

1. Select a project and a folder which contains the file in which a placeholder for revision is to be created. Do a right click on the file record.

2. Select 'Placeholder', to create a placeholder for revision. Upload of file revisions for placeholder may depend upon whether the 'Revision Upload' Activity is locked or unlocked for the existing file (with same document reference).

3. It opens a 'Publish Placeholder' window in which the file attributes are already pre-filled.

4. Document reference, revision number, document title, purpose of issue populate with the data from the current revision of the file. Document reference cannot be changed while status will default to 'Prepublished' and cannot be changed.

5. To distribute files, click on icon. From the 'To' box, select the recipient for this placeholder and its task of 'For Publishing'.

6. Select a task due date. Same task due date will apply for all the placeholders you are creating in one go.

7. Subject - Enter the relevant subject for the distribution.

8. Click on 'Publish' button to publish a placeholder for revision.

9. Placeholder has been created with status as 'Prepublished'.

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