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Edit Watch Settings for a File

This article helps you understand how to edit watch settings on a file.

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Right click on the file and select 'Watch > Edit Settings' to edit the watch configuration for activities performed on selected files.

This option will only appear for files in which 'Start Watching' is already enabled.

This will open a layered page with the title 'Alert Settings'.

Click on the below links to access their detailed help:

Below is a description of the available fields:

Basic Details

Watch all revisions / Watch this revision / Watch latest revision - Select from one of these to decide the basis on which watching should work for the selected file.

Watch all revisions - To enable watching on all the revisions for the document reference of a file. This option is selected by default.

Watch this revision - To enable watch for the selected file revision only.

Watch latest revision - To enable watch for the latest file revision only. If new version is published, watching would stop for previous version and start for latest revision automatically.

Notification Frequency

Instant Notification - To enable instant notifications for activities performed by other users on the selected file.

Instant notification will appear as browser notification popup on your screen, based on browser compatibility.

You can receive 'Watch Files' notifications as a browser notification popup, based on browser compatibility. Browser notification is currently supported in 'Microsoft Edge' (Version 15 & above) as well as latest versions of 'Google Chrome', 'Mozilla Firefox' and 'Apple Safari'.

a. For all supported browsers, a prompt will appear asking you to grant permissions for getting notifications from within the browser once you are successfully logged in on Asite.

b. Clicking on a watch notification will take you to its relevant screen within Asite.

c. Each of such browser notification popup will have a visibility period of 5 seconds. Based on your response, such a prompt may or may not reappear the next time you login on Asite. For activities performed in batches, there will be single instant notification per batch activity.

Alternately, instant notifications can also be accessed by clicking on icon at the top right of screen once you are logged in on Asite.

To clear all notifications, click on 'Clear All' link available at top right side to clear all notifications. Notifications once cleared cannot be retrieved back.

Email Notification - To enable email notifications for activities performed by other users on the selected file, based on the frequency defined for activities configured.

Frequency - To set the email notification for activities configured at defined frequency, immediately or on daily basis. In case you are selecting 'Daily' frequency, you will get an option to select a specific time for receiving notifications from the available dropdown.


Select All - To select all available activities for watch notifications on selected files.


Revision Upload - To receive notifications regarding upload of revisions on selected files.

File Download - To receive notifications regarding downloading of selected files.

Status Change - To receive notifications regarding status changes on selected files.

Discussions - To receive notifications regarding discussions created on selected files.

Sharing / Edits

Distribution - To receive notifications regarding distribution of selected files.

File Linking - To receive notifications regarding linking of selected files.

Edit Attributes - To receive notifications regarding attributes edited on selected files.


Deactivate File - To receive notifications regarding deactivation of selected files.

Reactivate File - To receive notifications regarding reactivation of any deactivated files in selected files.

Clear Task - To receive notifications regarding cleared tasks on selected files.

Deactivate Task - To receive notifications regarding deactivation of tasks in selected files.

Reactivate Task - To receive notifications regarding reactivation of any deactivated tasks in selected files.

Once required changes are made, click on 'Update' button to apply those changes.

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