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This article helps you understand how to create a new group for collaborating with your team.

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You can create groups for communicating as well as assigning and managing tasks. Below are the steps to create a group:

1. Click on hamburger icon in the left panel (corresponding to 'Search Users/Groups' option) to create a group.

2. The 'Create Group' popup will appear at the right side of screen as shown below:

3. Enter details as required.
User creating the group becomes an administrator of that group by default, though can be removed later if required.
By default, the 'Active' switch button is turned on while creating a new group.
Below is a description of the available fields:



Group Name

To enter a name for this group.


To select members for this group from a list of contacts. Type in the initial characters of user's name to get auto-suggestions based on the same.

Mouse hover on the member name once added, allows you to make that member an admin or remove them as a user. A group can have multiple administrators.

In case the concerned member is already an admin, it allows you to remove them as admin or remove them as a user from the selected group.


To enter a description for this group.


Group administrators can turn the switch off and make the group inactive (can be switched back on later).

A group can only be deactivated once status of all its tasks are completed or cancelled.

Deactivated groups will remain accessible by all group members; however, new messages or tasks cannot be created within them (unless reactivated by group administrators).

Below is a description of the icons available at top right side of the popup:





To maximize the view.


To close the view.

Click 'Save' once done to complete creating the group.

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