Blocks under 'Loops' Category

This article helps you understand blocks available under 'Loops' category in AppBuilder Code Editor.

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Repeat No. of Times

See example to understand how to use 'Repeat No. of Times' function.

Block for repeat no. of times. Do some statements several times.

Parameter: a variable or a value.

'Do While/Until' Loop

While/Until a value is true, do some statements.


  • while.

  • until.

  • condition.

'For' Loop

Have the variable like 'i' take on the values from the start number to the end number, counting by the specified interval, and do the specified blocks.


  • a variable.

  • a starting value.

  • an ending value.

  • an increment value.

'For Each' Loop

See example to understand how to use 'For Each' loop function.

For each item in a list, set the variable like 'j' to the item, and then do some statements.


  • a variable.

  • a list.

Loop Termination

Break out / Continue with next iteration of the containing loop. This block must be in a loop container.


  • break out.

  • continue with next iteration.

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