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Dashboard Widgets with Click-through

Single Project Filter to access information across entire Platform

Federated Search across global data - Keyword search

Mark your Projects, Folders, Apps, Models as Favourites

Switch your language with ease

Quick Link for quick access of required information

Context Sensitive Help and eLearning

Customise, share and clone dashboards

Different types of Dashboard Gadgets

Project Filter for All, Favourite or selected Projects

Right Click Support

Upload Profile picture

Edit Profile Information





Tiled & Thumbnail View

Customize Columns

Drag, Drop and Move Columns

Apps assign to workspace

Manage Apps setting

Basic Project Settings

Manage User Roles

Manage App Statuses

Invite Users to Project

Distribution - Assign to Project

Manage Statuses

Manage Purpose of Issue

Manage Workspace Mailbox

Manage Role Privileges and App Permission

Project Access History

Working Calendar

Workspace Additional Info

Workspace Settings

QR Code Support

Project Team - Companies

Manage Workflow Rules

Drawing Series - Assign to Project

Attributes - Assign to Project

Manage Configurable Attributes

Creating Conf. Attributes

Editing Conf. Attributes of document

Auto Fetch Attributes

Manage Doc Numbering Scheme

Save workspace as template

Edit Access to template

Clone workspace with all objects , add\ edit all the objects

Clone Workspace and manage inheritance

Clone workspace without its ACL

Assign inherited role to user, org, UG in cloned workspace

Clone template should break inheritance for all inherited workspaces

Check that Assign role in template should overwrite user status and type assignment in clone if already assigned

Workspace Notices

Manage Users





Tiled view

Customize Columns

Drag, Drop and Move Columns

View Files across Projects

Dynamic Filters

Drag & Drop mechanism to publish files

Publish a File / Upload a File

Copy Doc. Ref Button

Copy File Name Button

Right Click Options for tasks

Simple File Distribution mechanism

Distribution to Distribution Groups directly

Universal Web Viewer

Share External Link with Expiry

Context Sensitive Help

Quick Links quick navigation

Formatting Doc Statuses

3D Files Viewer

Manage Folders via Create / Edit under Files Tab

Move Folders

Copy Folder Structure

Public Folder Link

Cascade Folder permissions to sub-folders

Is Editable Checkbox in Create Folder

Mark Folder as Favourite

Download Documents

Task Assignment while Distribution

Change Status Files

Files History

aMessages History

Apps Associated

Edit Link Type Static to Dynamic & Vice a Versa

Allow Custom Distribution of aMessage for Mark Ups

Bulk Import Placeholders from MS Excel Template

Linked Information

Deactivate Folder

Reactivate Folder

Associated aMessages


Create aMessages & 'No Comment'

Activity Locks

Save as PDF

Share Document Link

Direct Link

External Access Link

Enable External Access URL at Doc Ref Level

Set visibility and expiry of Link

Mark Tasks as Complete

Mark Document as Private

Batch Process

Publish Document Placeholder

Publish Paper Documents

Link file (dynamic / Static)

Edit Attributes

Edit basic attributes

Edit Link Type e.g. Static to Dynamic in Edit Attributes

Enable External Access URL

Edit Link Type Static to Dynamic & reverse

Move files with tasks

Move files without tasks

Link & Move Document

Compare Document

Deactivate / Reactivate Document

View and Edit Attributes

Publish Paper Document

Import from Excel


XRef Upload

View XRefs and check audit history

Download documents with XRefs

XRef Lists in File External References

Generate doc issue sheet report

Generate doc distribution report

Generate Document Register

Print doc issue sheet report

Deactivate / Reactivate Tasks

Clear & Delegate Tasks

Batch Processing

Same Transmittal (Partially Available in Adoddle)

Association Attributes

Export History

Print History

Export File Listing

Print File Listing

Distribution - Instant Email Notification option

Populate Distribution from Previous Revision

All File Tasks including 'For Comment Incorp' & 'For Comment Co-ordination'

View previous revisions from Viewer

Transmittal Options

Inherit Permission at Create Sub Folder

View file associations like aMessages, apps and XRefs while viewing a file





Mark Models as favourites

Creating and Editing a New Model

Models View with Thin Client Viewer

Creating a View with Views Manager

Create aMessage with Markup

Upload Model Image

Integration with Procurement

Context Sensitive Help

Shortcut Buttons

Object Manager

Audit History





Direct Messaging

Group Messaging

View aMessages on Files

View aMessages on Tasks

Search Discussions

Context Sensitive Help

Project Forms




Customize Columns

Context Sensitive Help

Quick Links

Right Click Options

App Search

Create New App

Change App Status

Format App Statuses

Direct Link in App Viewer

Distribution with Task Assignment

App History

Associate Documents , aMessages, Apps

Attached External Documents

Deactivate Reactivate App Tasks

Clear or Delegate Tasks

Task Completion

Batch Process

Associations History (Other references)

Export App List

Print App List

Associated Attributes

Deactivate App

Edit App Setting

Cross Project Linking

Auto-save apps

Import from Excel

E-mail In

Allow Re-open

Discard Drafts

Filter Files and Apps records while associating them with an app





Shortcut Buttons

Create Express Report

Create Standard Report

Create Cross Tab Report

Dashboard Report

View Report

Search the report with various criteria

Export and Print report listing

Search the template with various criteria

Edit and Schedule report by email and in folder

Change the Report Owner

Delete the report

Change the status of report (Inactive or Active)

Create Your Own reports

Change Report Format

Send Now Option

Inactive Delivery Schedule

Standard Reports

Try to schedule report on which logged in user does not have 'Create Instance and Schedule' Permission

Publish Report in different format

Create new Web Based Report

Edit Report


Create Report template

Deliver Reports





Context Sensitive Help

Shortcut Buttons

Start a Workflow from an existing Procurement app

External Catalogue Punch out Support

Catalogue Approval support

View Bids

Catalogue Listing

Creating and Viewing Order

Creating and Viewing Invoice

Change order status

Audit Trail

External Catalogue Punch out

Export and Print Data

Manage Integration flow






Context sensitive help in all areas

Web Help


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