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Asite Field

  • Ability to move site form pins in Plan View
    No need to worry if you missed to select the correct area in the PDF drawing plan view, while performing site activities. Privileged users (including form originator as applicable for selected form pin) can now move the site form pins around the page in plan view and also save the changes as required. This feature is supported in online as well as in offline mode.

  • Improved control over forms getting created via offline mode
    As per existing functionality, your form records created in offline mode are synchronized automatically. Now onwards, you have an option to delete any of your form records created in offline mode, as long as they are not synchronized. Helps you avoid synchronization of form records created in offline mode in case they are no longer required.

AppBuilder Tool

  • Ability to run/validate scripts while editing form content saved as a draft
    As per existing functionality, you can run/validate scripts on forms that are already created. Now, you can also run/validate scripts while editing any form content saved as a draft, including draft ORIs (original messages), draft response messages (RES) and draft forward messages (FWD).
    Related options are available when using the custom function block titled 'Get System Field Value'.

Asite Marketplace

  • New Supplier Performance Management (SPM)
    Procurement Leaders / Managers now can review the performance of their suppliers, identify their strong areas and make important procurement decisions, by designing own review template and capturing the supplier performance online. The automatic reminder notifications ensure that reviews for your supply chain are collected on time-to-time basis for projects they are working on.

  • New Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand Marketplace portals
    Introducing 4 new Marketplace portals for our growing regions - Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand - to better serve our existing clients and take advantage of emerging business opportunities in these regions. These portals add to our existing list of United Kingdom, United States, Middle East and Vietnam Marketplace portals.

  • New Categorization of Bid Opportunities
    Tier 1 Contracts / General Contractors can now categorize their bid opportunities to enable suppliers find work related to them very easily.


  • Document Search API update
    Introducing a new parameter called 'cursorMark' that replaces the 'recordStart' parameter in the Document Search API effective 1st April 2024. This is part of our continuous effort to improve platform performance and stability, and this will deliver faster API results.

Common Data Environment (CDE)

  • Label Change - 'Edit File' option renamed as 'Edit File Locally'

    The 'Edit File' option which used to appear as a right click option on a file, is now renamed as 'Edit File Locally'. This option continues to allow editing your file in related native application, via aSync desktop app.

AppBuilder Tool

  • Support to use same repeating table in multiple views
    'Data Field Name' property is now supported for 'Repeating Table' control. With this change, you can use same repeating table content in multiple form views if same data field names are used.

    No need to worry even if you are copying a repeating table. By using the same data field name, the data from source repeating table gets linked to other repeating tables in different views with same data field names, in a way that all such repeating tables work in sync with each other.


  • Discontinued IFC export option on federated models
    The IFC export option is no longer available for Federated (i.e. merged) Models. However, you continue to have an option to download individual IFC model files as available in your projects.

  • Option to view issue details in expanded view
    From the recently introduced issue tracker for 3D models (i.e. issues listing view), you can now expand an issue while viewing it and get a widescreen view of its details.


  • Support to search for files via API based on their file extension
    Using the existing Document Search API service, you can search for your accessible project files based on the file extension (like PDF, DOCX, etc.). To get results using this API parameter, specify the required file extension while selecting the filter criteria.

aSync (Beta)

  • Remove unwanted local copy of files being edited from aSync

    From the 'Files being edited' tab in aSync window, you are now able to remove any unwanted local copy of your project files, using the 'Delete File' icon available against the file record. A prompt will appear to confirm before the local copy of selected project file gets deleted.

Common Data Environment (CDE)

  • Improved display of 'More Options' while viewing Files
    While viewing a file, the available options under the 'More Options' menu are now grouped logically with an improved user interface.
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  • Discontinued Spell Checker Support for Forms in Classic View
    The spell checker option is no longer available for forms in Classic View. Most modern web browsers already have an built in spell check functionality which can be used if required. Please note that this change won't affect your forms on Adoddle View in any way.


  • Support to associate files when creating issues on 3D models
    While creating or editing an issue on a 3D model, you are now able to associate one or more of the CDE files from the same project to said issue on the 3D model.


  • Support to export details of 3D model issues via API

    Using the new API parameters, you are now able to export details of all or specific issues assigned to you on a 3D model:
    All issues: getModelIssueList
    Issues only assigned to logged in user: getModelIssueListAssignedToLoggedInUser

  • Support to search forms based on last updated date via API
    Using the existing Form Search API service, you can search for the project forms accessible to you based on the date it was last updated. While searching via API, define a date range between as a filter criteria to get the results.

  • Improved response codes when requesting information via 'Create Form' API
    If you are trying to create a form via 'Create Form' API and your request doesn't go through successfully, a more specific error message will be displayed to help you diagnose why your request has been unsuccessful. You can subsequently use the feedback to amend your request parameters before trying your request again.

Asite Marketplace

  • New Commodity-Based Procurement
    Marketplace extends its source to bid “S2B” functionality by introducing commodity-based procurement. Through the Marketplace interface organisations now can request items or services, send out “request for quotes” to approved supply chain partners and receive quotations electronically. The functionality supports requisitions, request for quotes and electronic purchase orders. This module continues to support the SCM product strategy to automate business processes by eliminating waste, streamline processes, reduce operational costs, and assist organisations with meeting their long-term sustainability targets.


  • New Sage Intacct Integration (Beta)
    Asite now delivers a seamless integration with the accounting and project management information using an Asite-built Sage Intacct Construction connector. Asite's connector uses our own scheduler framework to pull / push information from Sage Intacct and Asite Platform. This eliminates double-entry and gives project managers one-click access to business-critical financial and project information on the construction site.
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Asite Field

  • Create Location Shortcuts from Site Homepage
    Do you need to frequent a particular site location more often? If yes, you have an option to quickly create shortcuts to such site locations, directly from your site homepage. These shortcuts will directly take you to related drawing plan from where you can quickly raise new site tasks or site forms, as well as view and manage existing forms for selected location as required.

Common Data Environment (CDE)

  • Option to Print and/or Download File Comparison View with Markups
    As per existing functionality, you are already able to compare two separate files or file revisions in an overlaid view and identify differences if any. Now, you are able to print and/or download the overlaid view of such a comparison along-with markups available on selected files if any.

  • Update on Stamp Markup Limitations
    To ensure optimized performance when using stamp images to create a markup while viewing a file in Asite Viewer, a couple of limitations are now applicable:

    • Maximum allowed size for uploading a stamp image is 500 KB.

    • A maximum of 5 stamps will be allowed in the stamp drawer at any given time.

  • Update on Workflow Definition Limitation
    To ensure optimized performance while working with workflows on your projects, a maximum limit of 1000 workflow definitions are allowed to be created on a single project or a single project template.


  • Introducing Issue Tracker - A List View of Issues across your Project Models
    A separate view called Issues is now available within the Models tab. In this new view, you can find and track all the issues across all your project models in a comprehensive list view, according to the filter applied. Additionally, you can click on any issue id or issue title in the list to open it's detailed view at the right side.
    From the issue detailed view, you then have an option to open the issue under issue manager, along with the related model in the viewer.
    An easier and more intuitive way to manage issues, all in one place, instead of going through issues on each model separately!

  • Support for Model Options on Model File Links created within Same Project
    Right Click Options specifically available for a model file in Asite are now available for links created to that model file in the same project, from any other project folder. These options include creating a federated model, viewing related federated model as applicable, adding a model to an existing federated model or removing a model from an existing federated model if already added.
    This is another advantage of using the Asite CDE, which serves as your single source of truth, making model files management in your project more efficient!

  • Quick Option to navigate to Model Files added to a Federated Model
    In the models listing area under 'Models' tab, a new column called 'Show Model Files' is now available. You can click on the 'Show Model Files' icon opposite any model in the list, to directly view a list of model files that are currently added to a selected federated model on the right hand side.
    From the model files shown, you then have an option to navigate to those files in the 'Files' listing area.

Asite Field

  • Support to View Quality Plan in Offline Mode
    You are now able to view a Quality Plan in offline mode, by marking your quality plan as offline. In offline mode, you can view and navigate through your plan details including associated files or forms, as per the activities defined on the plan. You can also unmark the quality plan from being available offline later.

  • Support to Remove Association of Files or Forms on a Quality Plan
    While viewing a Quality Plan (in online mode), as per the activities defined on the plan, you are now able to remove association of files or forms.

AppBuilder Tool

  • New Custom Function: Advance Auto-Numbering

    With the Asite AppBuilder, you are already able to apply auto numbering on a form field while combining all its related sub-attributes using the Auto-Numbering function. Now you are able to apply auto numbering even while combining only a selected set of related sub-attributes using the new Advance Auto-Numbering function.
    Note: Both the functions mentioned above cannot be used simultaneously at a time.
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Common Data Environment (CDE)

  • Support to validate Document Reference across Project by excluding Linked Files
    Administrators can now control and validate duplicate Doc Ref's at project level with Asite. We are releasing a groovy script that enables administrators configure system tasks to validate uniqueness of Doc Ref across the project by excluding linked files.
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  • Sign your digital forms in Asite with our new Adobe Acrobat® Sign integration Asite’s integration with Acrobat® Sign allows Asite CDE users to sign, send, and manage their digital forms anytime, anywhere from inside the Asite web application. Together, Asite and Acrobat® Sign make it easy to securely access, collaborate and manage documents that require signatures. With Asite and Acrobat® Sign integration, you can increase productivity, collaborate securely, and gain end-to-end document visibility. Simply select the digital form from Asite CDE you wish to send for signature and prepare it in Acrobat® Sign. Completed documents automatically save back to Asite and can be accessed securely.
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Common Data Environment (CDE)

  • All Project Template options available in Adoddle View

    All project template related options are now available for you in Adoddle View itself. It includes options to:

    • create a new project template from scratch

    • create a new project template from an existing project

    • edit existing project templates accessible to you and modifying its details

    • assign user access on existing project templates
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  • Display of Model Object List and Model Views based on access
    Similar to how you are only able to view model files based on your access defined in related Asite project, objects and views listed for a model will also respect any access controls defined on the selected model. Accordingly, object visibility in object list or a view will only be available to you if you have required access on related model file.

Asite Marketplace

  • Support for bulk download of Form response attachments in Tender Invitation
    As per existing functionality while viewing tender invitation forms, you have an option to download all attachments on the original form message.
    Now, while viewing tender invitation forms, you get a separate option to download available attachments for each form response. Additionally, a new option is available while viewing the original form message to download available attachments on all form responses simultaneously if required.


  • Support to access User Profile details via API
    Asite API now enables you to access your profile details if you are logged in to Asite platform using the existing Login API Service.
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Common Data Environment (CDE)

  • Ability to use PDF files from same project as a Site/Location Drawing Plan
    Previously, you were able to upload drawing plans as PDF files from your local device when creating new site locations. Now, you have the additional option of using any of the PDF files accessible to you in the same project as a site/location drawing plan PDF.

    This is another advantage of using the Asite CDE which serves as your single source of truth, making your project site management more efficient!
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  • Embedded geo-tag information in image attachments while printing/exporting Project Forms
    While printing/exporting project forms as a PDF file, available geo-tag information will appear embedded within the image at the bottom. This geo-tag information includes latitude, longitude and altitude, in addition to already available related information such as the date and time the image was captured.
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Common Data Environment (CDE)

  • Support for uploading multiple file templates at a time
    As an organisation admin, you can now upload one or more file templates at the same time. No need to upload one by one - saving your time and efforts in scenarios where you have a large number of file templates to upload.
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  • New option to tag file templates
    You can tag each of your file templates now onwards. Tags let you group your file templates together. Files templates having one or more tags can be easily searched based on the tags applied to them.
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  • Ability to associate forms created from other tab locations (while creating new forms)
    When creating a new form of any type, you are now able to associate existing forms of different types irrespective of the tab location from where those forms were created. For e.g. a contract form created from 'Contracts' tab can also be associated to a RFI (Request For Information) form being created from 'Project Forms' tab and so on.
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AppBuilder Tool

  • Introducing Graphical Scripting Library (A Library of Predefined Block Combinations)
    While designing forms in Asite App Designer, you now have a library containing predefined sets of blocks combined logically in a way that you can use it to design scripts for various scenarios, based on your form template requirements. A brief placeholder text is included in the script by default (that can be edited later once selected), which gives you an idea around how selected set of block combination can be useful.
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Asite Field

  • Ability to import start & end dates on a Quality Plan
    Import start & end dates for each of your quality inspection plan as an Excel file via Asite Web App. Makes it more convenient for you to quickly update your quality plan with the start and end dates for different locations and activities applicable on the plan as and when required.
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  • Configurable Site Homepage in Asite Field app
    You can now configure your site homepage just like the way you want:

    • Add and remove shortcuts to any of the location enabled forms on selected project (For e.g. Site Tasks, Site Forms, RFI, etc.).

    • Add and remove shortcuts to filtered set of location enabled forms (For e.g. RFI forms with open status).

    • Long press to move the shortcuts to your preferred position.

    Any changes you make becomes applicable to all mobile devices on which you are logged in to Asite Field app from the very next moment.

Asite Field

  • Display of geo tag information on location enabled forms
    Asite Field app now supports displaying geo tag information for all forms having location enabled in their configuration.

Asite Marketplace

  • Ability to add all trading partners to bid list
    Buyers can add any of their trading partners to a bid list. In case a primary contact is not added for selected trading partner, buyers can add contacts by themselves before creating the bid as required.

AppBuilder Tool

  • Support for 'Calibri' font type
    As a form designer, you are now able to use 'Calibri' font type in all your AppBuilder forms.

Asite Field

  • Planned Vs Actuals in Quality Plan – Planned start and end dates are now captured by the Quality Plan module. The online web version of the app allows you to edit the dates of your planned activities, and any activity you record there will show up as actual start and end dates that you can compare to your planned dates.


  • Support to create purpose of issues on projects via API
    Asite API now supports creating new purpose of issues on your projects via a new 'createPOI' API. All access privileges and validations as applicable while creating the same on your project from Asite platform interface will be fully respected while creating purpose of issues via Asite API.
    Read more about Asite API

  • Enhanced Document Search API
    The Document Search API now includes project status and project description in its response. This additional information helps users get a better idea about their projects when requesting such an information via API.
    Read more about Asite API

Common Data Environment (CDE)

  • Introducing Comment Review on Files (Optional Project Level Feature)
    Comments on Files are very useful when reviewing files. With our new Comment Review feature (if enabled on your project), you are now able to assign a status to each of your file comments which form part of a file review. Similarly, a file can have multiple reviews having multiple comments under each of them. Each review comes with an option to define the discipline and suggested status separately, which means you can group comments into discipline specific reviews and assign separate review statuses as and when required.
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  • Improved 2D Online File Viewing Interface
    The 2D Online viewer improved interface is now available to all Asite CDE users by default. The improved interface comes with a simplified default viewer interface and user-friendly display of mark-up tools.
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  • Introducing Markup Library in Universal Web Viewer

    When working with markups for reviewing a file, users can now directly copy single or multiple annotations at the same time via the new Markup Library option. You can now save your selected annotations to a separate markup library and copy them directly from within the Universal Web Viewer in Asite.
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  • Dynamic Distribution of Files or Forms via Workflows
    You are now able to configure a dynamic distribution list for assigning user tasks in workflows for files or forms. A new '${Dynamic Distribution' option is available to select in the 'To' field while configuring a user task. The dynamic distribution list defined in the workflow definition of your project can be configured separately in the same project as a groovy script system task as per your requirements.
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  • Auto update data from one form to another form via Workflows
    App Designers can now configure workflows that automatically updates other form data based on data from the current form. We are releasing a groovy script that enables designers to update an existing form XML by entering required details.
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Asite Marketplace

  • Ability to delegate PQQs for Suppliers
    Currently, buyers are able to invite a specific person from the supplier organization to complete the pre-qualification questionnaire. To manage a scenario wherein the invited person is not the right person for the assigned task, a new option is available for such users to delegate it to some other user of their own organization.

AppBuilder Tool

  • Calculation of Difference in Date and Time

    Calculation of difference in date and time is now supported in Asite App Designer via custom block function. You are able to calculate difference between two dates and times entered by user on a form, in number of hours / number of hours and minutes as required.

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  • Ability to set start number for repeating table row sequence
    You are now able to set start number for repeating table row sequence in Asite App Designer via new function under 'Repeating Table' block category.
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  • Ability to import model issues in .BCF file format
    You are now able to import single or multiple model issues as a single .BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) file.
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AppBuilder Tool

  • Ability to apply cell color in table, layout and repeating table controls

    Add some color to your form designs and make them more presentable! With the new cell color option available with table, layout and repeating table controls, you are now able to apply different colors of your choice in your form designs.
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  • Ability to apply colors to even and/or odd rows in repeating table control

    While using repeating tables, it can get trickier for your form users to identify individual rows, when there are multiple rows in a repeating table. To make things easier in such scenarios, a separate option to apply colors for every even and/or odd row is now available for you while using repeating table control in your form designs.
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  • Ability to use keyboard shortcuts while designing form templates

    Save your time by using keyboard shortcuts! When creating form templates, you can use different key combinations like Ctrl+C for copying selected controls, Ctrl+V for pasting copied controls, Ctrl+Alt+P to publish your form templates and many different key combinations to perform your tasks more quickly, as and when required.
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  • Support to filter by custom attributes while setting up an API connection

    Previously, users could filter forms based on standard form attributes while setting up an API connection on a form template. Now, users can also filter forms based on custom attributes applicable on selected form type if any.

Asite Marketplace

  • Additional option to filter tender recipients in 'Tender Communication' forms
    While initiating a communication using the 'Tender Communication' form, tender teams will now get an additional option to select from a filtered list of only the tender recipients as required to address the communication. As per current functionality, you have to search from a list of all the users involved in your project on Asite.

Common Data Environment

  • Incomplete task gadgets have a new 'Refresh' option

    Asite manages Big Data, and we have caching technologies in place to guarantee a quick and seamless user experience. We have introduced the caching framework for dashboard gadgets now.

    Previously, when a user lands on the dashboard, all of the gadgets were immediately refreshed, regardless of any changes. This resulted in recalculations of such massive amounts of data, which slowed down user performance. The task gadgets are now cached after the user logs into Asite. By just clicking the new "Refresh" icon or when the user reloads the browser, this is quickly refreshed. All of this is done to guarantee enhanced speed and a smooth user experience.

AppBuilder Tool

  • New and Improved Design Interface in AppBuilder Designer
    We are thrilled to introduce a new user interface, showcasing a fresh and modern look to the AppBuilder tool. The new interface empowers App Designers to craft responsive forms, specially tailored for mobile devices. This fresh design is optional, allowing Designers to seamlessly transition to the new view, which can also be easily applied to existing designs. The controls, including dropdowns, text boxes, attachments, and repeating tables, have been revamped to offer a fresh and enhanced experience for end users.
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  • Option to Remove Selected/All Controls while Designing Forms
    Previously, you could only remove controls from your form design by selecting them one by one. You are now able to select multiple controls simultaneously and remove them in one go or remove all controls simultaneously (irrespective of the selection) as well if required.
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Asite Marketplace

  • Improved Experience while working with Draft Forms
    Once a form is saved in marketplace view as a draft, the form originators (whether buyer or supplier) can now directly access them later in an editable draft view from the respective listing area (without the need to go to form view and then editing the draft which involved an extra step). From the same view, existing draft form message can also be discarded if required.

Common Data Environment

  • Display of Geotag Information for all Form Attachments & Associations
    Previously, if a project was enabled for capturing geotag information, related information was displayed for attachments and/or associations on forms enabled in 'Sites' module as applicable. Now, geotag information is extended and displayed for all form attachments and/or associations as applicable (once geotag is enabled on project). This includes information like latitude, longitude and altitude, along with map view of the selected location.
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  • Renamed 'Collaboration' edition to 'CDE'
    The 'Collaboration' edition in Asite Platform is now renamed to 'CDE' (Common Data Environment), making the edition name more meaningful.
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  • Ability to bulk-apply properties to multiple selected controls
    While designing forms with AppBuilder, you might have observed that many of the properties (like styling and padding options) work similarly between the different controls you are configuring. To improve upon your experience while working on form designs with such configuration, a separate 'Multi-Select Properties' option is introduced. With this new option, you are now able to select multiple controls and configure a set of common properties between them.

    How does it work?

    Say you want to change background color of some or all of the controls in your design, all you will need to do is:

    • Select the required controls in form designer

    • Open 'Multi-Select Properties' option

    • Select the styling or properties you wish to apply

    • Save your changes
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  • Enhancements to Asite Revit Plugin
    With the Asite Revit Plugin, you can now download Revit models accessible to you on Asite by selecting project and the federated model created on Asite. Within Revit, you can open each of the Revit model files added to the created model on Asite, and also view and manage issues created on them.
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  • Enhancements to Asite Navisworks Plugin
    With the Asite Navisworks Plugin, you can now attach a converted .NWF version of your model file to Asite. NWF contains all the settings of Navisworks Manage based on model opened during the session for the selected file like current view and clash results. Whenever you open the same model next time in Navisworks Manage, you can load the relevant NWF file that was attached earlier based on date and time. It will help you to continue working on same model with the view and clash results as per the session specific to selected NWF.
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Asite Marketplace

  • Invite Any User from Supplier Org for Prequalification
    Previously, while sending an invite for prequalification, buyers could only select key contact (i.e. primary contact) from supplier organization as applicable. Now, buyers will have an option to invite any user from supplier organization, by entering their contact details like name and email address. In case the email address entered is already registered with Asite as a user under selected supplier organization, their details will be pre-populated automatically.


  • Security Enhancement: Support for 2-Factor Authentication
    The security of aMail Outlook Plugin has been enhanced to support the Enterprise password policy for 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). To access aMail Outlook Plugin, users must now enter the secret code that was emailed to their registered email address. This only applies if the policy has been enabled for your organization. Please contact your Administrator or Asite Helpdesk to enable this setting.

    How does it work?

    * The user inputs their login credentials to access aMail App.

    * After successful authentication, the user receives an email with a secret code to their registered email address.

    * The user inputs the secret code in aMail Outlook Plugin

    * Congratulations, you have successfully logged into aMail App and have access to your data.

    Note: 2FA must be enabled in the password policy as a pre-requisite.
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  • Ability to Limit external Asite API calls by User
    Asite allows you to set an overall limit to the number of external Asite API calls made by a user based on a set time duration (in minutes, hours or days). To set such a limit for your organization users, reach out to your Asite Professional Services Consultant or drop us an email with required details.
    Read more about Asite API

Common Data Environment

  • Share Link with Passcode
    Sharing public links to files on Asite now comes with additional options. You can setup an auto generated password or a custom password to access a file while sharing its public link, as and when required. Such a password will be shared separately as an email to the recipients with whom the file link is getting shared.
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  • Sorting Changes in Listing Areas
    Sorting on 'My Tasks' and 'Task Time' columns has been removed in listing areas. This will result in improved platform performance as well as a simplified user experience.
    For any user who had selected sorting on above columns (prior to the update), sorting in listing areas will work similar to how it works for new users currently (as explained below). As usual, a sorting icon will be displayed on the column based on which sorting is applied.

    • files will be sorted based on 'Date' column in descending order

    • forms will be sorted based on 'Last Updated' column in descending order

    • file aMessages will be sorted based on 'Last Updated' column in descending order

Asite Marketplace

  • Bid Manager upgrades
    The Bid Manager module is upgraded to provide more usability functionalities, now displaying the bid list number for bid lists and enabling extending bid end dates for private bids even after the bid close date.

For information on older upgrades, click here.

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