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Editing My Company Profile [Buyer/Supplier]
Editing My Company Profile [Buyer/Supplier]
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The company profile is that organisation's public presence within the Asite Marketplace. Therefore, it is important to keep this information as up-to-date as possible. Features such as automated reminders for expiring notifications is reliant on correct information being provided.

To be able to edit your company profile, the following privileges must be assigned by your company's administrator or Asite representative:

  • 'Can Edit Basic Profile' - Allows the user to amend the summary page of the company profile

  • 'Can Edit Full Profile' - Allows the user to amend all pages of the company profile

To be able to access your company profile:

  1. Select the icon next to your name in the top-right corner of the page. If you haven't uploaded a profile picture onto the system, this will likely show your initials

  2. Within the menu, click 'Edit Organization Profile'. This will re-direct to your company's profile

In the top-right of the company profile, a percentage completion value will be visible. This is calculating all of the fields across the company profile and providing how much of the profile is completed. The higher the value (maximum 100%), the higher the chance that the prequalification process will be quicker.

Within the header and in every sub-section on the company profile, an 'Edit' icon will exist which looks like a pencil. By pressing this, all of the data / questions within that section will become editable.

Once all the information has been updated correctly, don't forget to press 'Save'. This will be in the same position as the edit icon was. Without saving, any changes will not be shown on the company profile. There will be a prompt when trying to change page or section without saving.

For more information on the type of information on the company profile, click here.

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