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Completing Prequalification [Supplier]
Completing Prequalification [Supplier]
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Once either an invitation to prequalify or a request to prequalify has been accepted, the supplier will have the ability to complete the prequalification questionnaire. The standard prequalification questionnaire offered by Asite aligns with the company profile.

Some buyer organisations may have custom templates with questions that are unique to them. Further information for those questions, if required, just be queried directly with the buyer themselves.

All prequalification templates follow a similar style:

1. The top left shows the title for this particular questionnaire template

2. The left hand menu shows a list of the sections that contain groups of questions. Clicking on any of these options will let you jump to that section

3. The main contents show a list of questions grouped into their sections. Sections can be collapsed and expanded to help navigate through the form, however scrolling works well too!

[Image of a prequalification questionnaire with numbers]

If you have inputted some information but wish to come back and complete more later, click 'Save Draft' in the bottom menu. This will allow you to come back later and pick up where you left off.

When the prequalification questionnaire is ready to be submitted, click 'Send'. This will automatically send to the questionnaire to the appropriate user within the buyer's company who will review the prequalification questionnaire and provide a response. More information on reviewing the prequalification questionnaire can be found here.

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