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Reviewing Prequalification [Buyer]
Reviewing Prequalification [Buyer]
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Once a supplier has completed the prequalification questionnaire, anyone within the Evaluator role will be send the questionnaire with a task to review via email or via a task within the Adoddle view.

The view will be split into two:

1. At the top of the page, will be the response box with the three available options


Revise & Resubmit


2. Underneath will be a completed copy of the prequalification questionnaire for review

[Image of prequalification response view]

If the prequalification questionnaire is accepted, the form will submit and the status will change to Accepted. Within the Trading Partners listing, the company that was accepted will now have a light-blue ribbon saying Qualified. If you use the bid list functionality, it will now be possible to add this company to a bid list.

[Image of Qualified supplier on listing]

If the prequalification questionnaire is returned to be revised and resubmitted, the Primary Contact will be notified via email that it has been returned for resubmission. By clicking 'Revise PQQ' from with the email, the supplier will be taken back to the prequalification template to make any necessary changes before submitting again.

[Image of resubmission email]

If the prequalification questionnaire has been rejected, the company will be removed from the Trading Partner's list and any connection between the two companies will be lost.

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