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Enabling aMail from disabled Add-Ins option

What should I do if aMail tab is not visible after installation or updates?

In some cases your aMail tab may not be visible after installation or updates, this may be caused when Outlook disable Add-in when it take time for Outlook to open or there are some issues with updates. By following below mentioned steps you can get back your aMail add-in.

Step 1: Click on Files

Step 2: Click on ‘Options’

Clicking on ‘Options’ will open Outlook options as shown below:

Step 3: Click on ‘Add-ins’

Clicking on ‘Add-Ins’ will display options related to ‘Add-ins’

Step 4: Click on ‘Go’ for Managing COM Add-ins

Clicking on ‘Go’ will display list of Add-ins, which should also list ‘aMail’ as one of the add-in

Step 5: Select ‘aMail’ and click on ‘OK’

Clicking on ‘OK’ should start updating aMail to latest version and tab will start displaying as normal.

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