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Searching Site Forms - Overview
Searching Site Forms - Overview
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Users on Asite can filter site form records using different search options available in site forms listing area.

You can simply mouse hover on the relevant column header and enter / select necessary search filter criteria directly. For example, to search for a site form with its title, go to the column header for 'Form Title'. Next, do a mouse hover on the column header for 'Form Title' and click on the search icon corresponding to it, then type the search keyword as required. This will filter the site forms having 'Form Title' matching the search keyword that you entered.

Further. you can create search filters by applying single or multiple filter criteria. Following are the key functions of this feature:

  • Create Filter - To define and build filter criteria by configuring the attribute. Click here for detailed help.

  • Save Filter - To save the defined filter criteria for future use and share it with other project members or groups if required.

  • Edit Filter - To edit the saved filter name and/or its criteria and/or project members or groups with whom it is shared. Click here for detailed help.

  • Unsaved Filter - To use the last applied filter. This pre-populates the filter criteria with an ability to amend and save the filter.

  • Delete Filter - To delete the filter if it is not required any longer.

  • Share Filter - To share any existing filter accessible to you. Click here for detailed help.

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