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This article introduces you to Adoddle aMessage mobile app.

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aMessage - Smarter business messaging and team collaboration.

Get clarity, with aMessage - a complete team collaboration app. Live team messaging is rapidly transforming the way people work in every sector and nowhere are the benefits more clear than in architecture, engineering and construction.

aMessage ensures secure business messaging and file sharing, with groups and individuals. Over 300 file types can be viewed online.

aMessage key features include:
• Instant messaging - Highly secure group and direct messaging.
• Shared groups - Seamless inter-company and inter-disciplinary collaboration. Real-time group messaging for more agile teams, greater clarity and smarter solutions.
• Unlimited attachments - Unlimited file attachments and fast, efficient file sharing.
• Automatically synchronize with Adoddle Platform - Access your messages from any device, at any time.
• Offline chats - Send direct or group messages at any time.
• Notifications and alerts - Individual and group chat alerts with advanced mute options.
• Seamless integration with Field App - Integrated with the Field App for a complete solution with document management, tasks, models, apps and defects.

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