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This article introduces you to Asite Navigator desktop application.

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With Asite Navigator, you can use Asite from your desktop. It is a desktop application which you can install on your computer.

Asite Navigator enables you to:

  • Integrate directly with Autodesk™ Revit™

  • Upload and share your 3D model files online

  • Collaboratively review and mark-up model files

  • Create punch list items, RFIs, or any project controls process directly from the model

  • Exchange data from 3D BIM collaborative environment such as COBie (Construction Operation Building Information Exchange)

  • Search various object, its revisions, association documents within all AEC discipline

  • Associate plans, specs, and emails to the model in an open and extensible way

  • Maintain a clear audit trail by tracking version control and updates to the files and models

  • Upload and share CAD /CAM drawing and other files you have created with other members of your project

  • View files of a wide variety of file formats within online Asite Viewer without needing the native software (including all major CAD / CAM formats)

  • Synchronies files and folders to your local path

  • Check-out / Check-in of files

Click here to understand how to download and install Asite Navigator.

Click here. for detailed help on how to use Asite Navigator.

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