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Below are the steps to export selected or all existing issues under Issue Manager while viewing a Model:

1. Open the required model in model viewer.

2. Click on 'Issue Manager' icon at top right to open the issue manager. A layered screen will appear with a list of already existing issues if any.

3. To export all the issues at the same time, click on 'More Options' icon at the top of the 'Issue Manager' screen and select 'Export All'.

To select a specific issue for exporting, go to that particular issue and click on the profile picture or the initials of the user (who created the issue) showing at top right side of the issue record. Similarly, you can select multiple issues for exporting by selecting them using the profile picture or the initials of the user who created the issue. Once the required issue are selected for exporting, click on 'More Options' icon and select 'Export Selected'.

4. The exported file will be saved in your local device in .bcf file format (.bcf stands for BIM Collaboration Format).

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