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This is an article on how to switch as other user once you have their proxy access on a project.

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Users on Asite with required role privileges have an ability to take proxy access of other users in a project post which they can access the project using the 'Switch User' functionality and perform tasks on behalf of the other user. Click here for detailed help on how to assign proxy users.

Steps to switch user from regular login to proxy user:

1. Click on the user image at the top right to select the 'Switch User' option. A new layered page appears.

2. In case the list is long, key in the initial characters in the search box at top right to find the required user record and click on it.

3. Now you are logged in on behalf of other user as a proxy user based on the selection and same can be confirmed by simple mouse hover on the user image.

4. If needed, you can always switch to a different language by clicking the language flag which will populate the language dropdown. Try refreshing the webpage in case the language doesn't get updated even after selecting the required language (from the dropdown).

5. To revert back to original user login, repeat the first step and then select original user record.

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