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This article helps you understand how to manage your Asite account.

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'My Account' contains your Asite profile information along-with an ability to change password. Below are the steps to manage your Asite account:

1. Click on your profile picture at top right to select 'My Account' option.

2. Here, you can edit specific details - like name, telephone, job title, time zone. You can also reset your login password from here.

3. Upload a profile image by clicking the 'Select Image' button.

4. Click on 'Save' to apply the changes made.

5. Asite provides the capability to use its platform with more than one language along with its locale. The default language is 'English (United Kingdom)', however, you are free to switch to any other language (as available in the language dropdown) convenient to you. The selected language will also be applicable for your account on Adoddle Field app, along-with Asite web application.

List of languages currently supported in Asite:

English (United Kingdom)

English (United States)

English (Canada)

Français (France)

Русский (Russia)

Español (Spain)

English (Australia)

中文 (China)

Deutsch (Germany)

Gaeilge (Ireland)

English (South Africa)

العربية (Saudi Arabia)

日本語 (Japan)

English (Ireland)

Italiano (Italy)

Nederlands (Netherlands)

Čeština (Czech Republic)

Türkçe (Turkey)

Tiếng Việt (Vietnam)

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