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This article helps you to understand how to create a new dashboard.

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Users on Asite can create and manage their own dashboard. You can have a personalized dashboard with various intuitive gadgets that provide easy access to important project information.

By default, the system dashboard will be visible to you unless you have specifically marked some other dashboard accessible to you as your default dashboard.

Below are the steps to create a dashboard on your own:

1. On the dashboard screen, click 'Tools' on the top right and select 'Create Dashboard' option.

2. A layered page will open enabling you to create a dashboard. Key in the required details as shown below:

Field Name


Dashboard Title

Enter a name for the dashboard being created.

Dashboard Description

Enter a description for the dashboard being created.

Set Default

To make the dashboard being created to appear for you as default upon login, next login onwards.


To share the dashboard being created with specific contacts in your organization, all users within a project or distribution group as required. Key in and select the relevant names from the dropdown list. Once selected, right click on the name of selected user / project / distribution group and assign 'Admin' or 'View' permissions on the new dashboard.

Clone Dashboard

Select from any of the existing dashboards to clone and apply all of its gadgets on the dashboard being created.

Click 'Create' to complete creating the dashboard. You can now proceed further to add gadgets to the newly created dashboard.


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