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This article helps you understand how to manage dashboards accessible to you.

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Users on Asite can manage all of their existing dashboards using the 'Manage Dashboards' functionality. It enables you to configure the default dashboard as well as edit, clone or delete existing dashboards (except system dashboard) based on the permissions you have on each of them.

Please note here that system dashboard can only be cloned - it cannot be edited or deleted.

Below are the steps to manage dashboards:

1. From the dashboard screen, click 'Tools' on the top right side of screen and select 'Manage Dashboards' from the dropdown options.

2. A list of all existing dashboards will appear. Different options to manage a dashboard will appear at the right side corresponding to each of the records.



Make the corresponding dashboard to appear for you as default upon login, next login onwards.

Edit the details for corresponding dashboard like name and description. Click here for detailed help.

Clone the corresponding dashboard and create a new one with similar configuration.

Delete the corresponding dashboard.

3. You can also create a new dashboard directly from the 'Manage Dashboard' screen by clicking on icon available at the top right. Click here to understand how to create a dashboard.
4. To refresh the dashboards list, click on refresh icon at the top right.

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