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This article helps you understand how to place link of a file in some other folder location within same or different project.

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Users on Asite with required folder permissions can link files from one folder to another so that they are visible to users having access to that particular folder. Users may link files between folders within the same project or across different projects depending on user role.

The following lists the steps to link files (static link) into other folders:

If files need to be linked to another project, first remember to include that particular target project in the project filter.

1. To create a link, select the project folder under the 'Files' tab. Select files to be linked to another folder / project.

2. Click on 'More Options' and select 'Files > Link Files' button.

3. Clicking 'Link Files', files listing page populates a layered page with target folder window.

4. Files can be linked based on the projects accessible to you and as per the project filter applied. Select the project and target folder where file is to be linked and click on 'Select'.

5. Select the link type as 'Static' or 'Dynamic' by clicking on dropdown. Drawing files having xRefs can only be static linked within the same project.


[5a] Static Link - Select link type as 'Static' if only selected file revision needs to be linked to the target folder.

[5b] Dynamic Link - Select link type as 'Dynamic' to link selected file revision and the versions that will be published in the future based on Doc Ref. To link superseded revisions, select checkbox against 'Link Superseded Rev' (This option will populate only when selecting 'Dynamic Link' link type).

Always - Set the dynamic link as 'Always' to dynamically link the selected file always.

Status - Set the dynamic link as 'Status' to trigger a dynamic link automatically by changing file status.

Select the operator as equal to ( = ) or not equal to ( β‰  ) and status value from dropdown. It allows you to select the status from the list of statuses that you have access to. To add one more condition for status, click on icon and select operator and status value. In the same way you can add multiple status condition to trigger dynamic link automatically.

6. The confirmation screen displays names of files for linking. Select file attribute values that are available in the projects where the files are being linked.

7. You can select 'Bulk Apply' checkbox to apply same attributes to multiple files.

8. Fill all mandatory values and click on 'Apply To All' button to apply entered values to all attributes of selected files.

9. You can also apply value to particular attribute through bulk apply by just clicking on arrow icon. Upon click, values of particular attribute will be filled down to all selected files.

10. Select recipients, task required and task due date for individuals to receive files.

11. Select the 'Private' checkbox to publish selected file as a private linked file into the target folder.

12. Click on 'Submit' button to link selected files to the new folder with same issue number as the parent files.
If any of the files selected are showing greyed out, they cannot be linked. The error code identifies the reason from those listed below:

Error Code



The file is already a link.


A 'Dynamic Link' of the document already exists in the folder selected.


A file with the same filename / document reference already exists in the folder selected.


An active 'Static link' to a file with same name exists in the folder selected.


All versions of file are linked in the target folder.


Selected revision is file placeholder, and so cannot be linked.


You require 'View and link' or 'Publish and Link' or 'Admin' permission on the sub-folder to link this file.

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