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Users on Asite with required privileges can print files in two ways as described below. Availability of the option to print a file may depend upon your accessibility.

Right Click within Files Listing Area

1. To print a file via right click within files listing area, select the project folder under the 'Files' tab.

2. Right click the files you want to print. Select 'Print' option.

3. You will get to see the 'Print Document' window.

Print window contains:

Print Documents Box - To print the selected files. This checkbox is checked by default.

Incl. Mark Ups - To include markups while printing files. If the project is enabled for comment review, you will get an option to select 'Private Markups' and/or 'Public Markups' as required, if selecting 'Incl. Mark Ups' option.

Fit Inside Banners - To fit the file within the margins of the paper.

Print Comments - To include aMessages while printing files.

Incl. Comment Attachments - To include aMessage attachments while printing files.

Only Comment Attachments - To print aMessage attachments only.

Note: In case project configuration was changed from Thin Client Viewer (now discontinued) to Universal Web Viewer, required information related to markups (if applicable) will appear in below sequence:

1. Consolidated view of all public markups created in Thin Client Viewer (includes all file pages).

2. Only private markups created on file that were released as public after viewer was changed from Thin Client Viewer to Universal Web Viewer (includes only those file pages having private markups released as public).

3. Consolidated view of all file markups created in Universal Web Viewer (includes both public and private markups on all file pages).

4. Click 'Print' to print the selected files.

Batch Print from More Options

1. To print multiple files, select the files and click on 'More Options' then select 'Files > Print File'.

2. Click on 'Print File' on the options popup. You will get to see the same 'Print Document' window as mentioned in step 3 above.

3. Select the appropriate checkbox options and click on 'Print' to print the files.

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