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Project Forms Navigation

This article helps you understand how to navigate across 'Project Forms' tab.

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Users on Asite can navigate through project forms by clicking 'Project Forms' tab.

Clicking on 'Project Forms' tab, it provides a list of all recent communications done through forms.

Click on the below links to access their detailed help:

Forms Listing

The default 'Apps' view lists all the forms that user has recently created. Click on any form to view a detailed thread including responses made by the team members.

Clicking on 'Project Forms' tab, all the forms created across all projects are displayed.

Folders - Folder tree view contains list of projects and its folder. Clicking on the project name, it extends to display a list of folders for the respective project. Folder contains form types that are available and activated within the project. User can right click on form type to mark it as favourite. Favourite form types are visible in the 'Favourite Apps' gadget on dashboard.

Forms Listing - Forms listing contains the form details which are dynamically based on the columns configured by user for display. Columns can be customized based on own requirement. Clicking on form ID link, it launches the Asite Form Viewer displaying the form message threads. Select a project and click on any project form to view a detailed thread including responses by the team members.

Forms Paging

Forms paging allows users to choose results per page. Users have an option to select 10, 25, 50,100 or 250 records per page.

Customize Columns

Users on Asite can customize columns for forms listing.

Move a column via drag and drop

Users can move the position of any column available in the listing area via drag and drop. The column order set is saved as user's personal preference and is applicable across all the projects.

Configuring columns across listing area

Users on Asite can add / remove or set width of any column from the available list across the listing area.

Click on 'Customize' button available at bottom right. A popup will appear containing the list of all the available columns. Select the required columns to add here. Use 'Ctrl' key to select multiple controls at a time.

On click of right arrow icon, all the highlighted columns are moved to selected fields.

Users will be able to set the display order of the fields i.e. the order in which the fields will be displayed on the screen, by clicking the up and down arrow icons. This will move the selected columns up or down.

User will also be able to remove the already selected columns by clicking the left arrow icon. It will remove all the highlighted columns.

On click of 'Update' button, it will save the changes and hide the callout.

On click of 'Close' button, it will hide the callout without saving the changes.

More Options

'More Options' allows users quick access to form tasks. Select forms and click on 'More Options' to perform batch process.

You can access below tasks from 'More Options':

Project Form - To create a new form.

Task - For Information - To complete 'For Information' task on forms.

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