Forms Batch Processing

This article shows how to work with multiple forms at the same time to complete tasks all in one go.

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Users on Asite can perform batch process by selecting multiple forms and completing tasks in one go.

1. Select multiple forms under 'Project Forms' tab and click on 'More Options' icon available at the top.

Batch processing using 'More Options' is also supported in the 'Apps' tab within 'Attachments & Associations' popup accessible through 'Associations' icon in 'Apps' view.

2. Click 'Tasks - For Information' button to complete 'For Information' task on multiple forms in one go.

3. Click 'OK' button to complete 'For Information' tasks on selected forms.

4. Similarly clicking on 'Project Form' would create a new form with selected forms associated to it.

5. Click on 'Tasks - Status Change' button to change statuses of multiple forms in one go.

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