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This article helps you understand how to view draft forms.

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Users on Asite can open draft form messages in view mode thereby enabling the user to access related details including attachments if any, edit the draft message by using the 'Edit Draft' option in 'Task' menu as well as export the message using 'Export' menu options if required.

1. From the forms listing view under 'Project Forms' tab, click on form id 'DRAFT' which will open a draft form record.

2. Draft form opens in a new browser tab. To edit the draft form, click on 'Task' dropdown menu and select 'Edit Draft' option.

The form draft will open in edit mode.

3. You can directly proceed further to make required edits to the form draft if any. Once done, click 'Save Draft' to save the changes or 'Send' to complete creating the form if required.

4. To see available export options for the selected draft form, click on 'Export' dropdown menu. Click here for detailed help.
5. To view attachments and/or associations in selected draft form, click on secondary file icon available at top right side. Click here for detailed help.

6. To discard a draft form if required, click on 'Task' menu then select 'Edit Draft' option. Once the 'Edit Draft' screen is open, click 'Discard Draft' button available at the bottom.

A message will appear asking you to reconfirm the selected task.

Click 'OK' to complete discarding the draft form.

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