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This article helps you understand how to share a search filter in Asite.

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Users on Asite can share filters with project team members to help them access key project information quickly. Filter sharing is supported in below mentioned tabs of Asite:

'Projects', 'Files', 'Project Forms', 'Models', 'Sites', 'Contacts'.

How to share filters from 'Files' tab is explained here as an example and similar process is applicable across all tabs mentioned above.

1. Navigate to 'Files' tab and select the project for which you need to share a filter.

2. You get an option to share filter when saving an unsaved filter or edit any existing filter.

3. On 'Save Filter' / 'Edit Filter' screen, you can add or edit the filter information.

4. In the 'Share' field, select users of current project and / or other projects with whom the filter is to be shared.

5. Assign users or projects or distribution groups either 'Admin' or 'View' rights on the filter to be shared. Filters can be shared with both online and paper users.

6. Click on 'Save' to save and share the filter with selected users and projects.

Note: If a search filter is shared with a user group / role / organization and if a new user gets assigned under that particular user group / role / organization, all users from the

relevant user group / role / organization including the newly added user will get

access to that shared filter.

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