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Define Form Statuses in a Project
Define Form Statuses in a Project

This article helps you understand how to define and manage form statuses in your projects.

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Role privilege as mentioned below, on the project in which form statuses are to be defined:

Below are the steps to define form statuses in a project:

1. In 'Projects' area, navigate to the project where form statuses need to be defined.

2. Right click on the required project and select 'Settings' then select 'App Statuses'.

Alternately, in the thumb view, do a mouse hover on the project thumbnail and click on icon. A layered page opens. Click on 'App Statuses'.

3. It opens the 'Manage Form Statuses' page with ability to add, amend and delete the form statuses and its permissions.

4. To create a new form status, click on 'Add New Status' button which adds a new form status and gives you an option to enter the status name.

Note: Users are no longer required to create form statuses for defects form type. Defect form statuses ('Open', 'Verified' and 'Resolved') are created by default in the new projects.

5. Creating a new form status, it assigns default values to access form status as default [no access], <<workspace administrator>>[admin] and <<creating user>>[admin].

6. Enter the form status name. To assign users, click or key in the characters in the textbox on right side and suggested names will appear for roles, organization and users. User records can also be searched by keying in email addresses.

7. Once role, organization or user is selected, default access permission given as 'Access to Use' to access the status.

8. It enables you to change the access permission by clicking on roles, organization or user name.

9. Access permissions enables you to give following types of access to the users:

No Access - Selected role, organization or users will be unable to access the corresponding form status.

Access to Use - Selected role, organization or users will have access to the corresponding form status.

Admin - Selected role, organization or users will have admin access on the corresponding form status and they can assign access permissions for the form status to the project users.

10. You can view the profile image, name, organization and email address on mouse hover against the name of user that is added to the status.

11. Click on the 'gear' icon against the form status to see formatting options.

Select the option 'Apply to Status Cell' to change the formatting of selected status cell only in forms listing area. Alternatively, select the option 'Apply to Record' to change the formatting of entire form record in forms listing area.

To format the font type i.e. make it bold, italic, underline and / or strike off, select the appropriate options.

To change font color and / or fill color of a status cell or entire status record, select the appropriate shade of color using the shade selection dropdown. The two boxes in the dropdown shows the selected color (left) and current color (right). Click 'OK' to select the color shades for both font and fill or either of them.

To reverse the formatting and color selection of any form status record, click on 'Reset to Default'.

Click 'Save' to apply the formatting changes.

12. Click on the second 'Save' button again at the bottom to confirm overall changes in the statuses. The form status will be added and will now be available to be assigned to an form.

13. You can search the statuses from header search bars either on basis of status names or by entering roles, organizations or users. You can also remove the roles, organizations, users by clicking on the 'X' icon against each title.

14. To deactivate an form status, tick the 'Deactivate' option against a status name. This is possible only if you have 'Admin' access on that status. Mark the checkbox and click on 'Save' to deactivate the status.

15. To reactivate form status, untick the 'Deactivate' option against the deactivated status name. This is possible only if you have 'Admin' access on that particular status. Unmark the checkbox and click on 'Save' to reactivate the status.

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