Edit a Group

This article shows you how to edit a group.

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A group can be edited by group administrator only. Below are the steps to edit a group:

1. All the groups accessible by you will be listed under 'Groups' option in the left panel. Upon mouse hover on a particular group and clicking on the edit icon, the 'Edit Group' popup will appear at right side of screen as shown below.

2. Using the 'Edit Group' option, you will be able to edit group name, description, add new or remove existing group administrators as well as add new or remove existing group members for selected group.

3. Turn the 'Active' switch button on or off to make selected group active or inactive respectively. A group can only be deactivated once status of all its tasks are completed or cancelled. Deactivated groups will remain accessible by all group members; however, new messages or tasks cannot be created within them (unless reactivated by group administrators).

4. Click 'Save' once done to complete editing the group.

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