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This article shows you how to create a task as well as the statuses that can be applied to tasks.

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Users can create and manage tasks within groups of which they are a part of. Below are the steps to create a task:

1. All the groups accessible to you will be listed under 'Groups' option in left panel. Click on one of the group names to start creating a task.

2. An option to create a task will appear at the right side of screen.

3. Enter a task title directly within the textbox as shown in above screenshot.
A task is by default assigned to the logged in user.
By default, the task status is 'To Do', task priority is 'Normal' and due date is set to the current date while creating a task.
Refer to the below table to understand different icons available while creating a task from 'Tasks' tab:


Field Name


- To Do /

- Open /

- In Progress /

- Cancelled /

- On Hold /

- Completed /

- Archived


To view / change task status.

Mouse hover on this icon to view current task status as tooltip.

- Normal /

- High /

- Critical


To view / change task priority.

Mouse hover on this icon to view current task priority as tooltip.


Task Assigned To

To select a user from the list of group members. Type in the initial characters of user's name to get auto-suggestions based on the same.


Due Date

To select task due date.

Once done, press 'Enter' key to create a task. Alternatively, click on the '+' icon to create a task.

4. As soon as you press the 'Enter' key, the task gets created. A popup will appear at right side allowing you to edit further details of this task.
Alternately, you can also create a task from 'aMessages' tab as well. Click here for detailed help.

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