Add Locations in a Site

This article helps you understand how to add locations for the sites added in your project.

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Users on Asite having required privilege can add, edit and remove locations in a site. Click here for an example showing how sites and locations need to be added.
Below are the steps to add location in a site:

1. Navigate to 'Sites' tab, the left hand panel will show a list of all projects, click on the required project and do a right click on the site in which you need to add a location.

2. Select 'Add Location' from right click menu options.

3. Key in the name of the location you are adding and click on 'Create' to complete adding a location in a site.

4. To add a sub location i.e. you need to calibrate kitchen in ground floor plan then do a right click on ground floor which we added above and select 'Add Location' option and follow above steps to add a sub location.

5. To remove a location from any site, navigate to the required project and expand the list. Expand the list of the site in which you want to remove a location.

6. Do a right click on the location which you need to remove and select 'Remove' from right click menu option and then select 'Remove Location'.

7. Confirm your action to remove a location by clicking on 'OK'.

8. Similarly to edit a location select the 'Edit' option to do required changes. Click 'Update' to complete editing the location name.

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