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Org Design Layout - Branding

This article helps you understand how to manage your organization branding on Asite platform.

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Users on Asite having required privileges can manage the branding of their organization from the 'Design Layout' listing page by using the icon opposite their organization record. It will open a screen similar to what is shown below:

1. Friendly URL - Enter a friendly URL for the selected organisation. This will be a unique URL for all the subscribed users of selected organisation to login on Asite. Use the icon to copy any existing friendly URL.

2. Color - Select specific colors for 'Tab Selection', 'Left Panel' and 'Header' to suit the organisation branding.

3. Logo - Select a logo image for the organisation.

4. Additional Links - Links that will appear as a link on the top right of page for all users as per selected organisation. Up to three additional links are allowed. For each additional link, a link image can be uploaded.

5. Enable Custom Landing Page - Select this checkbox if a custom landing page is specifically designed and enabled for your organization (available upon request). Reach out to your Asite point of contact for more information.

6. Once done, click 'Save' to apply the changes.

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