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This article explains how to add location within a quality inspection plan.

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Users on Asite having required project level privilege 'Can Manage Quality Test Plan' can add location within the quality inspection test plans accessible to them.

You can start configuring the inspection test plan once the plan is created. This screen may also be called as planner or scheduler screen.

As part of configuring the test plan, you will be able to add locations and activities corresponding to each location and view the plan accordingly.

Below are steps for the same:

1. Open the plan in which location is to be added.

2. To add locations for the plan, click on 'Add Location' at the left side.

3. Click on 'Copy Location Structure' to continue.

4. While adding location, you will be able to select and add any or all of the already configured sites / locations / sub-locations from the 'Sites' tab as per the selected project (See how to add a site in project and how to add locations in a site).

Select the checkbox 'Select All' to select all sites / locations / sub-locations as per the selected project.

Use the search box to find sites / locations / sub-locations by their name and select them using the corresponding checkbox.

Select the checkbox opposite the site to select all of its locations / sub-locations. Similarly, select the checkbox opposite a location to select all of its sub-locations.

Click on icon at the left to expand the list of locations in a site or to expand the list of sub-locations in a location and select the required location using the checkboxes as required. To collapse the expanded list if required, click on icon.

To expand and view all the sites / locations / sub-locations as per the selected project, click on 'Expand All' option at top right. Similarly, to collapse all the sites / locations / sub-locations, a 'Collapse All' option will be available at the same place if required.

To remove the selection if required, click on icon.

5. Click 'Save' once done to apply the changes. Else, click 'Cancel' to go back to planner screen.

Once saved, the selected site and its locations or sub-locations will get added to the left side of the planner and will appear upon expanding the list of locations and its sub-locations as shown below. Click on icon to expand the list as required.

Exclude or Include Locations

6. From the Planner screen, to exclude any location from the planner, mouse over on the location name and select icon with three dots and select 'Activity(s) not required for Location'. To include it back, mouse over again and select 'Activity(s) required for Location'.

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