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Edit or Remove Activity
Edit or Remove Activity

This article explains how to edit or remove an activity from the planner within a project.

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Users on Asite having the role privilege 'Can Manage Quality Test Plan' on project can edit activities within the quality inspection test plans accessible to them under that particular project.

To edit an existing activity, go to 'Add Activities' screen from the Planner screen or click on column title of any existing activity and use 'Add Activity' layer.

It will open the 'Add Activities' screen.

Once on the 'Add Activities' screen, mouse over on icon with three

dots opposite the activity you want to edit or remove and then select the required

option 'Edit' or 'Remove'.

In case of a hold point, you will only get option 'Remove' to remove the hold point.

To change the sequence of the activities, drag the icon showing in

the left side opposite the activity you want to move and drop it to the new position

where you want to place that selected activity in the sequence.

In case the activity is mapped with a specific project folder, you will be able to change the mapped folder and then change the close out status in the subsequent step as required. When any file added to activity from project matches the status selected, that particular activity (having the file with matching status) will be considered as closed. In case the activity having file action has already started for any particular location, you can still edit or remove the activity configuration.

In case the activity is mapped with a specific form type, you will be able to choose a different form type from the active form types on the project as required. Use the search option (available in form type selection screen) to search for required form type if needed. In case the activity has already started, the 'Edit' option for editing the activity

configuration won't be available unless the form is dissociated wherever the activity

is in progress; however, such activities can always be removed if required.

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