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Add a Project - Configure QR Code
Add a Project - Configure QR Code

This article helps you understand how to configure QR code while adding a new project.

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By default, the QR code functionality is currently supported for PDF files. If you want to use QR code functionality with other file formats, see Extended QR Code on Files.
You can configure QR settings as mentioned below:

1. Type of QR Code - There are two types of QR code available: Dynamic and Static.
Select 'Dynamic' if you want file attribute details to appear dynamically on the selected file version, irrespective of when the QR code was generated.
Select 'Static' if you want file attribute details to appear as a static value (i.e. a fixed value) based on the version of selected file at the time QR code was generated on selected file.
In case of 'Static' QR code, the 'Status Message' for selected file (indicating whether the file is latest or superseded) will appear based on the relevant workflow configuration.
To use QR code function for files uploaded in various formats supported by Asite File Viewer, you can configure workflow system tasks. Click here for detailed help regarding the same.

2. QR Code Positioning - Select a position where you need the QR code to be displayed on the document from the available dropdown options.

3. QR Code Displacement - Key in required values for QR code displacement, select the measure and position from dropdown list.

4. QR Code Verification (Not applicable for 'Static' QR code) - Check document POI (purpose of issue) and / or document status and their corresponding values from the available options. Document revisions having selected POI and status will be considered as latest revisions and all others will be considered as superseded revisions.

5. Status Message (Not applicable for 'Static' QR code) - Key in the message what you can see while scanning a QR code, based on whether the revision is latest or superseded.

6. Select Attributes for QR Code - From the 'Available Attributes' dropdown list, select the attributes you want to appear for the users while they scan the QR code.
The attributes list values appearing upon QR code scan can vary time to time if the type of QR code is set as 'dynamic'. The attributes list can include both standard attributes as well as custom attributes. Use the right arrow button to move them to the selected attributes list. You can select multiple attributes at a time by using the 'Ctrl' key.

Accordingly, to remove any of the 'Selected Attributes', select them from the 'Selected Attributes' dropdown list. Use the left arrow button to move them back to the available attributes list. Use the up and down arrow keys to set the display sequence for selected attributes.

7. Display attribute value in - Select the language in which the attribute labels / values for selected attributes should be displayed when the user scans the QR code.
Note: Labels / values will respect the language preference set (as per language dropdown available at top) by user under their respective login.

8. Add link to - Tick the boxes to 'View File' and / or 'View Revision Notes' based on what you want the users to see while they scan the QR code. Clicking the 'View File' link will take users to the Asite File Viewer with the latest file revision open to view. Clicking the 'View Revision Notes' will take users to a web page containing revision notes of all revisions for that particular file.

Above settings as per points 2 and 3 help you control the positioning and displacement of QR code - on any applicable files published on folders having QR code setting enabled. Below is the size of QR code that will be generated on applicable files as per their page size:

QR Code ID

Page Size

Size in mm


1682 x 2378 mm - 4A0

43 x 43


1189 x 1682 mm - 2A0

40 x 40


841 x 1189 mm - A0

36 x 36


594 x 841 mm - A1

33 x 33


420 x 594 mm - A2

30 x 30


297 x 420 mm - A3

28 x 28


210 x 297 mm - A4

20 x 20


148 x 210 mm - A5

20 x 20


105 x 148 mm - A6

19 x 19


74 x 105 mm - A7

19 x 19


52 x 74 mm - A8

19 x 19


37 x 52 mm - A9

18 x 18


26 x 37 mm - A10

18 x 18

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