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This article explains how to edit the configuration of an existing project on Asite.

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Role privilege as mentioned below, on the project which is to be edited:

Below are the steps to follow while editing an existing project:

1. Navigate to 'Projects' tab. In the thumb view, do a mouse hover on the project thumbnail and click on icon.

A layered screen appears showing related options. Click on 'Project' option with edit icon to begin editing the selected project.

Alternately, in list view do a right click on project record, select 'Edit Project Information'.

2. The 'Edit Project' screen appears.

'Edit Project' screen has below tabs:

Basic Information - To edit basic information of the project. While editing a project, you cannot change the client name, geography, or viewer under the 'Basic Information' section.

Inheritance Option (In case of projects cloned from project templates) - To remove inheritance of workspace objects.

In case you have multiple projects cloned from a project template, and when you need to change project configuration on some or all of those projects, it is advisable to follow below guidelines:

  • If a change in configuration is required only on a specific project, it is suggested to change configuration only in that particular project so that it serves your purpose.

  • If configuration is required in general for other projects as well, it is best to communicate to relevant project manager about general configuration and get it updated on related project template directly so that all projects can benefit out of it.

Additional Information - To edit additional information of the project.

Project Settings - To edit the project settings as required. While editing a project, you cannot change the configuration for 'Enable Object level visibility of private information' and/or 'Enable Comment Review' once enabled under the 'Project Settings' section.

Email Notifications - To edit the notification email details as required.

Working Calendar - To edit the working days and / or holidays for the project as required.

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