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This article helps you understand how to edit markup on a file when using Universal Web Viewer.

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Users can edit the markups created by them on the file using Universal Web Viewer. Below are the steps you need to follow while editing an existing markup on a file:

Important Note: Only markups that are not associated to an aMessage can be edited.

Below are the steps to edit a markup:

1. When a file is opened for viewing in universal web viewer, any existing markups will appear by default. To close reviewing such markups, click on icon then select existing markups and click 'Close all'.

2. To start editing the markup, click on icon then select the markup to edit and click 'OK'.

3. The selected markup will load in edit mode. Based on selected markup file, viewer will automatically jump to the page where markup is created and will select the markup annotations.

You can edit or delete the existing annotations on the markup or add more annotations to the markup.

To delete the selected annotation, choose icon as shown in below screenshot:

To change the color or styling options of the selected annotation choose 'Styling' option, clicking on which it will display available styling options.

To change the shape of a selected annotation, click on one of the independent edit handles (white boxes) and drag the mouse to resize the shape and release the mouse.

To copy an annotation, press 'Ctrl + C' and then 'Ctrl + V' to create a copy. Now you can select the copy of annotation and drag it to new location.

4. Click on icon to save the changes to markup.

5. Consolidate Markup’ function enables user to select one or more markups and create a copy of it. Below are the steps to consolidate markup:

5a. Select single or multiple markups for review as required.

5b. Markups will open for review. Click on icon to consolidate selected markups.

5c. System will consolidate markups selected for review.

5d. Add / Remove / Edit annotation as required.

5e. Click on icon to create a copy of markup, then enter required details to save the markup.

5f. Newly created markup will be available for review.

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