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This article helps you understand how to upload 3D model files.

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All normal 3D files except files in .ifc file format may upload similar to the process of uploading 2D files on Asite.

Below are the steps involved while uploading 3D model files in .ifc format:

1. Select the project and destination folder.

2. On files listing area, click on 'Upload' dropdown and select 'Files' to upload files to Asite. This option validates for your permission to upload new files to the folder.

3. The listing page displays a page with upload window.

4. Select the model files to be uploaded and drag them to the upload area or click 'Select Files' button to browse and select required files.
Note: Upload of file revisions may depend upon whether the 'Revision Upload' activity is locked or unlocked for the existing file (with same doc ref). While uploading multiple files at a time, the files which have 'Revision Upload' file activity locked will be filtered out automatically.

5. You can click copy icon to copy the doc ref as doc title.

6. You will need to enter the value for mandatory attributes (document reference, revision number, document title, purpose of issue and status). Click on 'Select Existing Doc Ref' icon to select existing document reference.

Custom Attributes - You can capture the custom attributes for a file here.

Hierarchical Attributes - You can capture the custom hierarchial attributes for a file here.

7. You can click 'Bulk Apply' icon to apply same value of an attribute to multiple files.

8. Fill all mandatory values and click on 'Apply to All' button to apply entered values to all attributes of selected files.

9. In case, selected files already exist in the folder then all the attributes will be automatically pre-populated. The attributes will be included in the upload of the revision.

10. You can apply value to particular attribute through bulk apply by just clicking on down arrow icon. By clicking on down arrow icon, values of particular attribute will get applied to all selected files.

Note: Bulk apply works only when the fields are empty, if there are other values for any file attributes which you need to overwrite, keep the 'Apply to All' box empty and click on down arrow icon. This will blank out this field for all files, now you can enter required value in 'Apply to All' box and click down arrow.

11. Click on 'Upload' to upload files with attributes.

12. The activity center displays the progress of file uploads. Activity center screen automatically closes once all the files are uploaded successfully.

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