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Create a System Task for Custom Objects in a Project (Overview)

This article helps you understand how to create a system task for custom objects in a project.

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Steps to create a system task for custom objects in a project are as mentioned below:

1. Navigate to 'Workflows' tab and select the project to create an independent system task or for a workflow.

2. Click on 'Configure System Task' button available at top right to start configuring a system task.

Alternatively, right click on project name and select 'Configure Action' option.

3. Key in a name for the system task which is being configured.

4. Select the task context as 'Custom Object'.

5. For the selected task context 'Custom Object', it is required to choose a 'Custom Object Template' from a list of available options. Currently, the only available custom object template is 'ISS Issue' (stands for issues on a federated 3D model).

6. Based on the selected task context, select a task that the system should perform in the workflow.
Available tasks for 'Custom Object' - 'Execute Groovy Script', 'Email Notification', 'Distribute Custom Objects' and 'Clear Tasks'.
Click on any of the task types below to access their detailed help:

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