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Create a System Task - Distributing Custom Objects (in a Project)

This article helps you understand how to create a system task for distributing custom objects in a project.

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Steps to create a system task for distributing custom objects in a project are as mentioned below:

1. Follow the steps to create system task for Custom Objects (steps 1 to 4).

2. In the task dropdown, select 'Distribute Files'.

3. Upon selecting 'Distribute Files' option, the page expands and enables you to select project users to whom files need to be distributed along-with task and task time. Key in the subject if required.

During distribution, the calculation for number of days for task to be completed may be dependent upon working days and / or holidays defined in working calendar.

4. Once done, click on 'Create' button to complete creating a system task.
You can create independent system tasks which can be executed using workflow triggers without adding them to a complex workflow.
All system tasks are performed by system automatically based on the condition defined in related workflow trigger. It appears in related custom object's audit history & task assignment emails as performed by 'Workflow Agent'.

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