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This article helps you understand how to create a federated model in your project.

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A Federated BIM model means a set of 3D model files integrated into a single merged view that is multidisciplinary (architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, etc.) and comprehensive.

To start with, you will need to upload all the 3D model files in Common Data Environment (CDE) which you want to include as part of your federated model individually. See how to upload 3D model files. Also see all model file formats that are supported in Asite Model Viewer.

Please note that all 3D model files that you want to create as a federated model should be uploaded onto the same project.

Now, select the model files and model file links from the files listing that you want to include as part of the federated model, right click and select 'New' then click 'Create Model'.

Please note the 'Create Model' option may be disabled in case you are selecting a file format which is not supported for creating a federated model.

A layered screen appears where you can enter details for the federated model under creation.

Below is a description of the available fields:

Model Title - Enter a unique title for the model you want to create so that it can be easily identified by project members.

Description - Describe your model in a way that can help your project members to understand this model.

Project - It will already be pre-populated with the project name.

2. Click on 'Save' to complete creating a federated model. The federated model that you created will open in new browser tab. A new model record with this name (i.e. model title) will be added in 'Models' tab, clicking on which it will open the federated model that you created.

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