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Copy a Workflow Definition in Same Project

This article helps you understand how to copy an existing workflow definition within the same project.

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Role privilege as mentioned below, on the project in which an existing workflow definition is to be copied:

Steps to copy an existing workflow definition within the same project are mentioned below:

1. Navigate to 'Workflows' tab and go to the project in which you need to copy workflow definition, in the workflows listing view.

2. Select the workflow definition that is to be copied and right click on the same.
Another way to copy a workflow definition can be to select it using the corresponding checkbox and click on 'More Options' link available at top right side. This will open a popup screen with an option to copy the selected workflow definition.

3. Click on 'Copy Workflow Definition'. A popup window will appear wherein you can enter required information to copy the selected workflow definition.

  • Workflow Name - Enter a name for the new copied workflow.

  • Description - Enter a brief description about the new workflow being created.

  • Workflow Context - Depending on the workflow selected for copying, workflow context will be pre-populated and it cannot be edited.

  • Total Workflow Days - Total length of the workflow in number of days.

  • Open designer with copied Workflow Definition - Keep this box checked to continue to the workflow designer having the newly created copy of workflow definition, and from where you can start making required changes to the design. If this box is not selected, you will be taken back to the workflow definition listing page.

4. Click on 'Copy' once done. A new workflow definition will be created which will be a copy of the workflow definition which user selected as per step 2.

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