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Request to Prequalify [Supplier]
Request to Prequalify [Supplier]
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As a supplier company, it is possible to request prequalification with buyers in order to become a part of their supply-chain. This has many uses which include, but aren't limited to:

  • Ensuring suitable insurances are in place in order to used as a supplier

  • Review previous work it order to show alignment with projects that they have

  • Compliance with local or federal legislation, covering health and safety, sustainability and diversity

In order to request to prequalify with a company:

1. Click on 'Directory Search' in the top navigation menu

2. Locate the company that to be removed via searching, filtering, or just scrolling through the list - more information on using the company directory can be found here

3. Click 'Request' on the right-hand side of the listing.

[Image of listing with request option]

This will send an email to the Primary Contact of that company informing them that you have requested to prequalify with them. Within the email, the buyer can click 'Review Request' that will take them into the Asite Marketplace with the option to accept or reject the request.

[Image of request email]

Within the Trading Partners page, that company will now appear with a dark-blue ribbon saying 'Requested'.

If accepted, the ribbon within the Trading Partners page will change to 'In Progress'. You will now have the ability to access the prequalification questionnaire by:

1. Clicking 'Trading Partners' from the top navigation

2. Finding your company via search, filtering or just scrolling through their list of Trading Partners

3. Clicking on the 'In Progress' ribbon

[Image of Trading Partner's page with 'In Progress' ribbon]

If rejected, the company will be removed from your Trading Partner list and any connection between the two companies will be lost.

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