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Folder Options on a Project
Reactivate a Folder on a Project
Reactivate a Folder on a Project

This article helps you understand how to reactivate your Asite project folder (once deactivated).

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Role privilege as mentioned below, on the project in which a deactivated folder is to be reactivated:

Below are the steps to reactivate a folder on a project:

1. From the folder tree in Files listing area, right click on the name of project where you need to reactivate folders.

2. Deactivated folders and/or deactivated subfolders will be displayed if any.

If not, a message will appear to indicate that there are no deactivated folders or deactivated subfolders available in selected project.

3. Select the check-box opposite the folders that you need to reactivate. If selecting a subfolder which also has its parent folder deactivated, you will need to reactivate related parent folder otherwise that subfolder cannot be reactivated.

4. Click on 'Reactivate' to complete. Else, click 'Cancel' to go back to file listing.

If reactivation is successful, a message will appear confirming the reactivation of selected folders and/or subfolders. Else, relevant failure message will be displayed.

Once a folder or subfolder is reactivated, it starts appearing in the folder tree at the same position as earlier. Selecting the folder or subfolder will list out any files available under them on right hand side.

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